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Hello, my name is Erica Ferrar, and welcome to my passion ~ working with and helping animals .. in a natural way. I am a trained, qualified and insured Animal Healer, having trained extensively with the Healing Animals Organisation in Animal Healing, Canine Massage and Natural Food Remedies ~ all natural ways of supporting animal health.

Holistic animal healthcare is in no way an alternative to veterinary care. If your animal is unwell, please go and seek advice and care from your vet.
Animal Holistics abides by the Veterinary Act of 1966 - I cannot and will not claim to diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or perform surgery on any animal.
Animal Healing is a complementary therapy and works to support conventional veterinary healthcare.

I started my training in September 2018 with The Healing Animals Organisation in Sussex and had the most amazing year, working with all kinds of small animals, birds, reptiles and bats.
I found myself thinking that, when I was working with an animal, that it was the most amazing feeling ever - the best thing I had done in my life. It was like I had found my true vocation.
Alongside my Animal Holistics practice, I plan to volunteer locally - and abroad in rescue centres as far away as Borneo, Ecquador, Egypt, Portugal and Cyprus. There are so many animals in dire need of help and healing, and the Healing Animals Organisation offers volunteering opportunities in rescue and conservation centres around the globe.


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Healing for Guardians and Carers of all animals available too...

Understanding the needs of animals, also requires the consideration of their guardians and carers. Often, a person that is struggling with stress or illness, may well recognise that their companion animal is also struggling with some level of stress and anxiety, or vice versa - We live in such close proximity with each other, that it is no wonder that our animal friends pick up on our emotional and physical cues, and that is why I do not just work with the animal but, also provide a healing service for guardians, carers and rescuers.

I also run a holistic health and wellbeing practice, offering a diverse range of therapies and resilience building services, that can help to bring physical, mental and emotional balance within us as humans - that can help us to help our animals.
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Where you can find Animal Holistics.

I am a member of the Healing Animals Organisation and hold full practitioner insurance with Balens Insurance Company.

The offices of Animal Holistics are located in Surbiton, Surrey.
Providing a natural wellbeing service for companion animals and animal rescue centres - Supporting animals struggling with stress, anxiety and illness. Allowing them the time and space to rebalance and restore health.
Providing a bereavement service - for animals and their guardians - allowing the time and space for your animal friend to pass over with care, dignity and love.

Animal Holistics operates as a mobile service due to the two cats residing at the office address. Unfortunately, they are not overly welcoming to visiting animals, but, it is afterall their home.
Erica at Animal Holistics welcomes enquiries from within a 10 - 15 mile radius of Surbiton, Surrey.
Erica also welcomes enquiries for volunteer services from animal rescue centres - to aid stress and anxiety relief and relaxation for those animals who find themselves in rescue centres and shelters - on a volunteer basis.

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