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What is Animal Healing?

Healing or Reiki, is a wonderful natural therapy that helps to support all animals ~ it promotes calm, trust, peace and deep relaxation. It can have a profound effect on stress, mood, energy levels and, healing can positively help support health and behavioural issues.

Healing works holistically on the whole animal, rather than isolated symptoms by balancing the nervous system. By bringing the nervous system into balance, it creates a ripple effect to every system and every cell of the body. This balance and coherence has profoundly beneficial effects on the physical, mental and emotional welfare of our animals.

This photo shows me working with a beautiful 2 year old Lurcher, Hamish, who had been found tied with a piece of rope outside the RSPCA in Brighton. He was understandably extremely nervous and distressed, but working with him for just 30 minutes had a profound effect on his state of calm and relaxation. He was rested and his whimpering had ceased and he was able to sleep more peacefully - and, luckily for Hamish, was rehomed shortly after this.

Like ourselves, if we are stressed and anxious, our energy, mood and behaviour are all adversely affected - and this is no different for our animals

Healing is a simple, wonderful, safe, non-invasive therapy that helps to rebalance the natural energy within us, and works for our animal friends, as well as to the guardians, carers and rescuers alike.

Stress, anxiety and illness disrupts the nervous system, which has a knock on effect to the functional state of the hormonal system, the immune system - and to every other system in our body.
Healing creates a therapeutic state of calm and relaxation enabling the body to start to heal itself naturally. The body can start to rebalance, bringing renewed energy to every cell and every system in the body.

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Where Can I find Animal Holistics?

Animal Holistics is a mobile Animal Healing and Canine Massage Practice based in Surbiton, Surrey. I travel approximately 15 miles from the office in Surbiton including, Kingston-upon-Thames, Epsom, Cobham, Richmond, New Malden, Wimbledon, Esher, Cobham, Oxshott, Twickenham and Teddington.

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