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Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy or Low Level Light therapy (LLLT), is a completely safe, non - invasive, and effective complementary therapy that can be used on its own or, integrated into a canine massage or reiki healing session, to accelerate the effects of the healing.

Red Light Therapy is not a replacement for conventional Veterinary care. If your animal has been injured or is unwell, they must see the vet for conventional treatment. Red Light therapy can be used alongside conventional veterinary care to help in the management of pain, illness and disease.

Red Light Therapy. vetcare

The LED (light emitting diodes) lights harness the healing power of red light and near infra red light at specific wavelengths and frequencies, that has been proven to accelerate healing at a cellular level.
Imagine that each and every cell has an energy centre - like a battery, and when your animal is injured or unwell, the cell becomes compromised and the energy runs out from the battery fast. With no energy, the cell cannot function as it needs to and, cannot take in any nutrients and, it effectively dies, putting extra strain on the surrounding cells, until they too become depleted.

Red light therapy effectively recharges and restores the energy within the battery charge of the cell, allowing it to function in the way that it needs to, increasing blood flow, water and nutrient intake and, increasing lymphatic (waste) drainage, and resuming optimal functioning.

The Red Light Therapy devices are very safe and simple to use and, they can be used, by you, as a homecare product for your pet. Please contact me for more details.

How can Red Light Therapy Help my Animals?

The Red light device helps to recharge the energy of the cells so that healing and pain relief can be accelerated and dysfunctional cells can be helped to function optimally.
If your animals are struggling with any of the following issues, please do contact me to see how they can be helped:

  • Arthritis pain and stiffness
  • Inflammation and swelling
  • Bruising or open wounds
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Stress Fractures
  • Joint dysplasia
  • Skin conditions
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Granulomas
  • Wound Healing

    Please do discuss any therapies, including the red light therapy with your vet. It can do absolutely no harm and, can work really effectively in conjunction with conventional veterinary care.

    There is a multitude of research into the effectiveness of Red light therapy and the Photizo Vetcare is the 'leading light' in this therapy. I first came upon it when I asked a colleague for suggestions about a natural solution for my 12 year old cat's arthritis stiffness and pain.

  • Red Light Therapy. benny

    I now use the red light device on my ginger tom, Benny, to manage the arthritis in his pelvis, and it has been so helpful in his pain management and mobility. Just a few weeks ago, he had withdrawn under the bed for hours at a time, barely coming out to eat. He is off now, disappearing outside having adventures for hours at a time.

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