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How Can Natural Food Remedies help?

As an Animal Choices Practitioner, I work with the animal and guardian, to provide a unique and rich sensory experience, to enhance your animal's diet and health.
Using natural herbs, honeys and other completely natural plant materials, we work to add vital nutritional support to your animal's diet, whilst engaging with all their senses. In the wild, animals utilise all their senses all the time and, that includes their nutritional requirements. Animals inherently know what they need to survive, and have an uncanny knack for knowing what is good for them.. and what is going to harm them.

It is with this knowledge and understanding that, as an Animal Choices Practitioner, I work with a range of eight nutritious food oils, using herbs and culinary plant materials, that all have different nutritional qualities and benefits.

By macerating and infusing the fresh and highly nutritious plant materials in organic sunflower oil, the essence of the whole plant is captured within the oil.
The sunflower oil itself is a highly nutritious medium, rich in vitamins A, C, D and E, alongside Omega 6 fatty acids. These act as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents - moisturising and protecting against skin damage, and encouraging healthy new skin growth.

This self-selection process using infused oils is not suitable for animals with Colitis or Pancreatitis.

How does the Self-Selection process work?

Animals inherently know what they need and will only accept what they need - it is their choice. So, by offering them the plant infused oils one by one, the animal can choose what it is that they require at that time.

The oils are a supplement and can be administered only as that. As an Animal Choices Practitioner, I am not prescribing or diagnosing, the animal is self administering by choice alone.

For more information on natural food remedies and the benefits of self-selection, or how to order the plant infused oils, then please do contact me or, click here for the website, where oils can be purchased.

Natural Food Remedies. Rosehips


Rosehips are the beautiful and plentiful fruits of the rose bush. They are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, in particular Vitamins A, B, C and E. The benefits include:

  • strengthening the immune system
  • maintaining a healthy skin and coat.
  • supporting physical, mental and emotional health
  • making them less prone to illness, especially if they are experiencing stress or anxiety issues.

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    Natural Food Remedies. Marigolds


    Marigold - or Calendula - is an excellent anti-inflammatory and wound healer. it is also a really effective supplement for maintaining a healthy skin and coat.
    It is also a really effective supplement for helping stressed and anxious animals, as it can help with raising confidence and self esteem.

    Natural Food Remedies. Chickweed


    The chickweed oil is a really useful supplement if your pet struggles with hairballs, as it lubricates the internal mucous membranes and helps to support digestive health.

    Natural Food Remedies. Bea in Catnip


    This is my cat Bea sitting in her favourite place in the garden - the Catnip (Nepeta Cataria) bush. Catnip, despite its name, has a therapeutic effect in animals other than cats - but it does a have a heightened effect in our cat friends.
    In cats, Catnip has a euphoric and a sedative effect. Cats can become very animated and euphoric and, may smell, eat or rub themselves against the leaves to release to volatile oils and vapour, whereas, in other animals, they generally tend to benefit from the sedative effects only, making it a useful supplement in those animals who need support with anxiety issues.

    Therapeutically, catnip can help release intestinal gas and can help relieve stomach upsets and vomiting.

    Natural Food Remedies. Seaweed


    Seaweed - or Bladderwrack, can be found washed up on our shores and around the coastlines.
    It is a superfood - chock full of beneficial nutrients. Vitamins include A, B, C and E. Minerals include Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, and it is a very high source of iodine which is useful for thyroid health.
    It is a very high source of amino acids, alongside Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids - so high in protein and essential fats.
    As a supplement, Seaweed can:

  • help in the management of hypothyroidism,
  • help in the support of arthritic pain and inflammation
  • help maintain healthy skin, coat and gums.
  • help to strengthen the immune system
  • help to lower cholesterol.

  • Natural Food Remedies. Nettles


    Stinging nettles, despite the name, is an amazing superfood supplement. They are highly nutritious and full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
    Nettles are high in protein and dietary fibre and can be used as an alternative to spinach.
    They have a therapeutic effect on almost every system of the body. They help to:

  • act as a blood tonic, detoxifying the blood and increasing levels of oxygen in the blood.
  • act as a diuretic, helping to flush the kidneys and increase urine production.
  • strengthen the immune system
  • support thyroid health
  • support healthy liver function
  • help to manage sensitivities to pollen and tree bark
  • maintain healthy coat
  • alleviate breathing issues

  • Natural Food Remedies. Linseed


    Linseed oil is an extremely beneficial supplement in maintaining the health of your pet. It is very high in Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids which help support heart health and also acts as an anti-inflammatory helping to manage the symptoms of arthritis and other auto-immune diseases.
    It can help to maintain healthy blood circulation and support for a healthy skin and coat, as well as claws and nails.

    Linseed oil is also a great source of dietary fibre and helps to maintain good digestive health.

    Natural Food Remedies. Mint


    Mint is easily grown in the garden, which is great because it is highly nutritious and, a useful supplement for maintaining healthy digestion and healthy stomach, liver and gall bladder function.
    It can help if dogs sprain a joint and in aches and pains.
    The menthol clears airways easing breathlessness and, is mentally cleansing - it can help to alleviate boredom in your animal by making them more alert.

    Animal Choice Practitioner

    As an Animal Healer, I include the Animal Choices range of natural food remedies, as required, as part of the consultation process on the first visit.
    This will not be suitable for all animals but, will be available for those that it may help.

    Animal Choices Practitioner - an inclusive service, as part of Animal Holistics - Animal Healing business.
    Available in Surbiton, Kingston-upon-Thames, Epsom, Cobham, Richmond, New Malden, Wimbledon, Esher, Oxshott, Twickenham and Teddington.
    Please contact me if you live within 15 miles of Surbiton for a home visit for your pet.
    Also available for Rescue centres and shelters.

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